Work Orders & Procedures

If you are planning to make alterations to your apartment, you should become familiar with the guidelines that have been established to protect you and the Corporation.

Before you begin your project, contact the Assistant Property Manager to 1) determine the approval requirements for the work you are planning and 2) obtain the forms and documents you will need for approval to proceed with your project. They may include one or more of the following:

  1. Completed alterations application/agreement form.
  2. Executed contract with your G.C.
  3. Plans, sections, elevations and details of new work.
  4. Plans of existing conditions.
  5. Construction documents by architect or engineer.
  6. Construction schedule.
  7. Permits.
  8. Local Law 58 (handicap accessibility) documentation.
  9. Workers Compensation insurance certificates.
  10. Liability insurance certificates (see sample).
  11. General Contractor’s license and list off all sub-contractors.
  12. Electrician’s license.
  13. Plumber’s license.
  14. Security deposit check.
  15. 2% of construction check.
  16. Processing fee check.

NOTE: The Assistant Property Manager will be able to tell you which, if any, of these documents are necessary in your case.

Some alterations require that the building’s architect or engineer review the drawings and documents to ensure that the structural integrity of the building is not breeched. The cost of the review is passed on to the shareholder.

Please allow yourself at least (4) weeks for approval from the date the complete application is submitted.

You should make sure your contractor reads and understands the Alteration form, which contains all of the requirements for working at the building.