Apartment Key Register Form

Please use this form to add or change the registration of your apartment keys. For security reasons, please note that you cannot update or change this registry without a password. If you have not yet obtained a password you must first contact the resident manager and get one. The resident manager is available by telephone between the hours of 9AM-5PM Monday-Friday at (212) 477-7141.

I / We     
effective date (00/00/00)     
resident(s) of apartment #     
  Have given the following person(s) keys to my/our apartment.
          name (First, Last Name) phone # (000-000-0000) date-range (00/00/00-00/00/00)
  this is the first time i am setting up a register of persons with my apartment key. (please note, you must first obtain a password from the resident manager.)
  this form replaces the names on a previous filed apartment key register.
  this form adds names to a previous filed apartment key register
  other (explain)