Access Key Policy

Effective Monday, April 18, 2005, all keys presently kept at the front desk and the Resident Manager’s office will be returned to the residents to whom the keys belong. On the same date, another copy of this Convenience/Emergency Key procedure and Permanent Access Apartment Key Use forms will be distributed to all residents. They will be asked to indicate who is permitted to use the key they will be providing to be kept at the front desk. That form, along with a complete set of working keys to the apartment, is required to be delivered to the Resident Manager by Friday, April 22, 2005, for safe keeping in the Key Watcher System.

Instructions on completing the Apartment Key Use forms are below:

Allowing permanent access
32 GPS uses the Key Watcher System for storing resident’s spare keys and allowing access by visitors to their apartments.

Any resident wishing to designate key users who have permission to use the key anytime they request it (e.g., relatives, housekeepers or anyone else to whom the resident permits access to the key on a regular basis) will need to complete the permanent access key use form. If building staff is normally permitted by you to use the key for the purpose of making repairs please write 32 GPS Staff on one of the lines provided (in this case, a telephone number will not be required).

Occupants of the apartment other than those listed at the top of the form as the shareholder(s) or resident(s), also need to list their names on the form. If the living arrangements in your apartment change, be sure to update your Permanent Access form, otherwise, if the occupants of your apartment should misplace their key, they will be denied the use of the key when they request it. Permanent Access Apartment Key Use forms are available at the front desk for you to add or replace persons to your Permanent Access user list.

Allowing restricted access

If you wish to designate a key user for specific dates or specific period of time only, you may do so by using the Restricted access key use form and completing the day and/or dates information portion. Blank Restricted Access Apartment Key Use forms are available at the front desk for you to place people’s names on your Restricted Access user list.

Apartment Key Register
No individual who is not a resident of the building will be allowed into the building even if that individual claims to have an apartment key unless his/her name is listed in the Key Watcher system.

The staff is prohibited from accepting oral representations by residents or the visiting party.

In order place an individual’s name you have given a key to in the Key Watcher system you must complete an Apartment Key Register form. The forms are available at the front desk.

Additional policy information
When completing either of the apartment key use forms, the resident must list the home or business telephone number of the person with permission to use the key. This telephone number will be used to make a swift determination as to whether the person requesting the key is indeed the person listed on the card. Should the person fail to provide the correct telephone number, the staff will request picture identification in order to confirm their identity.

Please keep in mind that only one set of keys to your apartment will be kept in the Key Watcher system; therefore, the person who requested the key to your apartment during the day will be required to return it at the end of the day. If you wish that a guest or contractor have a key to your apartment for the duration of their stay or while work is being performed in your apartment, you should give them a set of keys yourself.

Keys will not be accepted by the Resident Manager/Superintendent for the Key Watcher System unless accompanied by a properly completed Permanent Access Apartment Key Use form.

Key chains/rings, mailbox keys, Gramercy Park keys or other items will not be accepted.

As always if you have any questions, feel free to contact the Resident Manager at 212-477-7141 or