1955 – 56
32 Gramercy Park South is constructed on the southeast corner of Third Avenue and 20th Street. The building consists of 186 residential apartments, 5 stores, 1 professional office and a parking garage.

October 2, 1956
Certificate of Occupancy #46341 is issued for the building.

April 9, 1981
A Joint Venture between NF Associates and O&Y Landmark Associates is created with the intent to acquire the apartment building at 32 Gramercy Park South for conversion to a co-op.

June 22, 1982
The building is sold to the Sponsor, Anby Associates.

September 9, 1982
32 Gramercy Park Owners Corporation is formed to acquire the property at 32 Gramercy Park South. It has only one class of stock consisting of a capital of 113,000 shares of the par value of $1.00 each, of which 99,761 shares are issued and outstanding.

August 8, 1983
Anby Associates submits the Offering Plan for the conversion of 32 Gramercy Park South to co-op status; it is a non-eviction plan.

January 10, 1984
The Offering Plan is declared effective.

April 5, 1984
The Sponsor transfers the land and building to 32 Gramercy Park Owners Corporation.

August 19, 1989
A Con Edison steam pipe explodes on 20th Street; the neighborhood begins the recovery process.

August 6, 1992
32 Gramercy Park Owners Corporation retains Carlton Property Auctions to conduct an auction of all remaining Sponsor apartments in the building.